Monday, February 27, 2017

Vote straight 'Healthcare Justice Team ' at LAMC


Darren Tree Wallace
Running For :
Executive Board  Member
Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center

Darren Tree Wallace
Environmental Service 
Lead Evs Attendant 
Kaiser LAMC
SEIU -UHW Healthcare JusticeTeam 

Hi my name is Darren Wallace aka (Tree) I've been working at Kaiser LAMC for 35 year.  I've gladly served our membership, as Chief Steward,  Mobilization Chair, Political action and I've served on the bargaining team negotiating and protecting UHW contract.  I'm  proud to be an Executive Board Member of SEIU - UHW,  and I'm running for a second term, so we can protext our good contract, benefits and wages. My strength is representing members when  management violates our contract, I'm there for the members!  I am  committed to the work of SEIU - UHW and I am seeking your vote!  The movement continues that is why we need your vote for Healthcare Justice!  We will deliver

Healthcare Justice!     


Elissa Underwood
Lab Assistant II
Kaiser LAMC

My name is Elissa Underwood. I want to continue taking an active role in the ongoing improvement of our Union. SEIU-UHW is a strong union with a mission to protect our 
contract, our members, and our community. I'm excited to offer my experience and talents 
to help adequately plan for the challenges that lies ahead. I have held many leadership roles 
over the years. I served on the SEIU-UHW Executive Board for the past three years. I also 
served as Contract Specialist for  two years. Then I served as an alternate on our bargaining
team, and currently I serve on the workforce committee. I would appreciate your vote for me, Elissa Underwood, to serve on the SEIU-UHW Executive Board.


Mustafaa Tyehimba
Optical Dispenser
SEAT: Executive Board
Kaiser LAMC
Healthcare Justice Team

Ghandi said "be the change that you would wish to see in the world"I am a firm believer and I am trying to embody this in my role of representing Employees at LAMC. I will keep trying to make a change for better contracts, better wages, better benefits and better working  conditions for all Kaiser employees. Continually educating others AboUt Contractual language and rights will help bring about this change. 

If you would like to see change vote for Me, Mustafaa Tyehimba and all the candidates of the Healthcare Justice Team. (No photo available)


Ju'Anna Isaiah
Ward Clerk Transcriber
Running for: Executive Board
Kaiser LAMC
Healthcare Justice Team

I believe in fairness and equality. Members need someone who will enforce the contract and make sure their rights are honored. I am "That Girl", I will continue to educate members of their contractual and legal rights. I will continue to fight against disparity and bullying tactics. 

Unions are strong when members unite and stand together. United we stand and divided we fall. I will continue to unite members to stand together and fight for their rights. I am committed to our members and ensure I will continue to uphold the contract and workers right. 

Vote for Ju'Anna Isaiah for LAMC Executive Board and the whole Healthcare Justice Team.

Hector Vega
Lab Assistant II
Kaiser LAMC
Running for Executive Board

Hector Vega running for executive board member Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center lamc.... Hector Vega Sterile Processing lead 
Kaiser permanente...SEIU-UHW Healthcare Justice team.
I've been working for Kaiser for 31 years at LAMC. I'm a Union steward and represent members with concerns in their departments and help with any contract violation ... Healthcare Justice team trains me  for skills in representing and informing members for updates.