Sunday, September 19, 2010

'We Are One Filipino' rallies in San Jose on September 25, 2010

The Movement

Dear Fellow Filipino-American,

I need your help to start a movement. What constitutes a movement? If one were to think of its ingredients, it surely would include a purpose, people, and passion. During the Philippines’ People Power Movement of 1986, this was evident as its purpose was to purge an oppressor with people numbering in the millions passionate about progress through pacifism. I am writing to develop traction for a new movement. For far too long, Filipinos abroad have used buzz words as 1st vs. 2nd Generation, Fil-Am, Fil-Can, Fil-in-the-blank, and so forth. Rather than rehash these tired words, I implore you to understand the issues that plague Filipinos abroad, regardless of your address or generation affiliation, and take action!

The multitudes of issues back in our ancestral home include poverty and corruption. In the US, the issues can include division, lack of representation, and apathy. The problems that face us will require your participation. With the hostage disaster following the euphoria of President Aquino’s inauguration, it seems that joy can be a fleeting emotion. This disaster occurred on August 23, 2010 in which nine innocent civilians were killed by an ex-policeman who demanded his old job back. It is with irony that the inauguration and tragedy occurred at roughly the same location at Quirino Grandstand in Luneta.

Yet, us Filipinos here in the US e-mailed one another, updated our collective Facebook accounts, and shared our concerns about events transpiring back in the Philippines. We are tired of the same story. Yet, in the American social scene, we are proud of Charice (no need to even mention the last name anymore), high-fiving each other after each Pacquiao victory, and wearing Filipino inspired shirts while watching “America’s Best Dance Crew”. It is a shame we don’t capitalize this Filipino Fever into a more productive vision and action. I truly believe that we Fil-Ams of the New Generation have the will to make true change occur. We are instilled with American ideals and well educated. We can inspire an entire people with our sheer numbers. There is data supporting that if all the Fil-Ams in North America were lumped together, our collective GDP is greater than that of the Philippines. How’s that for economic might? I find it odd that with this data, President Aquino hasn’t addressed us yet. If we are educated, make money, and share the emotions of our fellow Filipinos after the recent tragedy, why isn’t he tapping us on the shoulder and addressing us? I believe we can be an asset to collectively fix our problems here and our motherland. Our parents may have left and created a brain drain, but some of us are willing to help and create a brain gain. As One people, we number in the millions. As One nation, we transcend oceans. As One Filipino, no matter where we were born or what citizenship we carry, all of our dreams become reality.

We may not have the solutions to all our problems, but is it in this journey that we show the world that we have a voice. Let’s have this voice be heard here and across the Pacific. On September 25, 2010, I say we come together to have President Benigno Aquino, III address us at Plaza de Cesar Chavez in San Jose, CA at 4pm. He may not know it yet, but he will have no choice but to address us and embrace us as our ancestral President…the leader of the Global Filipino. It is also with cosmic coincidence that the namesake of the park, Cesar Chavez, was assisted by Filipinos in Stockton. This is Our Time. If you believe in fate, Facebook, and the Filipino, please join me in this rally.

Bring your picnic gear and your unbridled and welcoming enthusiasm.

As one of your own,

UNNAMED New Generation Filipino