Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let’s Celebrate Music - Because Life without Music is (nothing)

So say these multi-talented Toronto-based Filipino-Canadian musicians and performers.

Toronto, Canada: It is not difficult to bring together musicians and performers as celebrated and as accomplished as these seven musicians. While each one of them tread their individual musical paths and have built a name for themselves, they all welcomed the idea of performing together in one show—Celebrate Music with Josie.

“Life without music is like having your lover but without love in the relationship,” Karen Tan, one of Josie’s co-celebrators, speaks from a woman’s soul. “Music soothes the life inside each of us and expresses our feelings everyday. My life is a continuous melody of love songs that I share with all of God’s creatures.

Jules Tinsay maintains that “life without music is simply living without any story to tell. With the busy life that he has, Jules says “music is soul food to go! Music brings solace to one’s soul.”

Giving credit to his Dad for his musical gift, Marvin de Guzman says, “I grew up with music around me. My dad was a musician and I suppose I inherited his musical genes. Music has always been my passion and I just can't imagine life without it.”

“I would celebrate music because it’s really a large part of being human, of humanity. We people celebrate occasions like birth, marriage, national days of independence, holy days and even sexual orientation. I celebrate music everyday in my profession,” adds Mikey Bustos.

Leander Mendoza on the other hand, confesses “My life without music would be meaningless. Music is what defines me as a person because I relate to people and life experiences through music. I communicate through music-- sometimes better than I do through speech. My life with no music means not living at all. My spirit thrives in music therefore I cannot live without it. Music is a gift from God. It is my great desire to bring back the glory to Him as I sing and make music because He is the Artist of my soul.

Musical director for Celebrate Music with Josie Mon Torralba, amidst his various engagements, is anticipating working on Josie’s music line up which Torralba is expected to ingeniously elevate to a level that the musicians themselves will perform from their heart and soul and that the crowd will enjoy and remember.

For her part, Josie de Leon enthuses “I am thrilled, anxious, privileged, humbled to be working with greats like Karen, Jules, Mikey, Leander, Marvin and of course, to have Mon Torralba for my musical director. I have done shows separately with these guys but this is the first time they are collaborating with me in my own show. And I can only promise, that with talents as immense and as celebrated as them, autumn will be a most welcome season when we Celebrate Music together.”

Celebrate Music with Josie takes overall direction from Jing de Leon. “This show,” de Leon says, “is to celebrate the gift of music. We are not celebrating WITH music but we are actually celebrating music for what it is.”

Celebrate Music with Josie is produced by Studio Six and will be seen on stage October 10, 2008 at the PC Ho Theatre at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Scarborough. For tickets, information please visit www.celebratemusic.ca or call 905-785-7538.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The War Gloria Has Been Waiting For

PerryScope: by Perry Diaz

The ugly turn of events in Mindanao in the past several weeks makes me wonder if what happened was accidental or deliberate. It may seem accidental, but in politics events are sometimes programmed to make them look accidental but in reality were deliberately planned.

After drafting a Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) that seemed to be in violation of the constitution, Gloria -- to avoid embarrassment by a Supreme Court reversal -- canceled the MOA-AD. But any intelligent person -- and Gloria is a very intelligent woman -- would know that the MOA-AD violated the constitution. So, why did she push hard for the signing of the controversial treaty when she knew that it wouldn't pass the scrutiny of the Supreme Court and Congress. What did she really have in mind?

What I find intriguing was that Gloria preempted the Supreme Court by canceling the MOA-AD before the High Court could decide on whether the agreement was in order or not. Had she allowed the High Court to reject the MOA-AD, she could have washed her hands and blame the High Court for denying the Muslim Filipinos' right to a homeland or ancestral domain. She could then renegotiate the MOA-AD and make it more compliant with the constitution. That would have been a win-win situation. And she would have redeemed herself and at the same time demonstrate her statesmanship. And, the Muslims will have their Bangsamoro homeland and perhaps peace will finally reign in Mindanao. Who knows, Gloria might even be able to tweak the constitution and achieve her dream of an "Enchanted Kingdom" as the nation's Prime Minister for the next 20 years. That would have been the high road for her to take. But she chose to waddle in murky waters.

Gloria played a queen's gambit by sacrificing the MOA-AD to gain a strategic offensive position against the MILF. The MILF fell for it and declared that they will not renegotiate the MOA-AD claiming that the treaty is a "done deal." Immediately, elements of the MILF went on the offensive and struck at government forces as well as civilians. Civilian casualties were heavy and more than 200,000 were displaced.

On August 18, 2008, Gloria addressed the nation and said: "We will not tolerate and will crush any attempt to disrupt peace and development in Mindanao. I'm also calling for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council this afternoon. I'm with you in peace. We're all in this together." She then convened the NSC Cabinet cluster -- not the entire council which includes the past presidents and congressional leaders. Gloria then instructed the members -- many of whom are retired generals serving in her administration -- to come up with recommendations on how to deal with the Mindanao imbroglio. I wouldn't be surprised if the generals would recommend an "all-out war" against the MILF.

Of course we all know that an "all-out war" is not going to vanquish the MILF or, on broader scale, the Muslims of Mindanao. The Muslims in Mindanao have never been totally subjugated in the last 500 years. War between the government and the Muslims would only end in stalemate.

The Arroyo government has made its position: It will not sign the MOA-AD in its present form. The government also demanded that the MILF turn in the three "rogue" commanders who initiated the attacks in Mindanao. In addition, the government said it will only renegotiate with the MILF only if they surrendered their weapons. The MILF's position is: It is willing to go back to the negotiation table; however, it considered the MOA-AD a "done deal" and will never renegotiate it. In regard to surrendering the "rogue" commanders, MILF said, "No way." Unless the parties change their positions, the peace process is in the deep freeze. And for now, it's war

I often wonder what Gloria had in mind when she appointed her retired Chief of Staff, Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, as Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process in Mindanao. It was like putting a wolf in sheep's skin. And true enough, the moment Esperon took charge of the "peace process," the whole thing went haywire. His predecessor, Jess Dureza, said that the draft of the MOA-AD had been changed drastically where he left off.

I am beginning to suspect that the real objective of Gloria was to create a "war," not the peace that she had been parroting for the past weeks. It's beginning to sound like a broken record. Indeed, this could be the war that Gloria has been waiting for to put in place a scenario that would ultimately end in a martial law. Indeed, all the signs are there for Gloria to replicate what Ferdinand Marcos did in 1972 and Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan in 1999. They were both supported by the U.S. Marcos stayed in power for 14 years before Uncle Sam booted him out of the country and dumped him in Hawaii. Musharraf was in power for nine years until Uncle Sam forced him to resign last week. Can Gloria do 10?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

FHM sexiest Katrina Halili in 'Fantasies' Concert series

Los Angeles: Katrina Halili, Jonalyn Viray, and Marco Sison met with LA media at Max's Glendale before their show on Friday, August 22 at the Pala Casino in San Diego Saturday's show at Celebrity Center in Hollywood.

Katrina Halili is an alumna of the StarStruck talent search and twice voted as FHM Philippines sexiest woman for the year in 2006 and 2007. She is the only Filipina celebrity to have won the title twice in a row. She played Angelika in Marimar and currently plays Christine in Magdusa Ka opposites Dennis Trillo. She will remake the Vilma Santos’ movie, Miss X and will star in Octo Arts’ One Night Only. Also, she plays opposite Robin Padilla in Sundo and will be the leading lady of Dennis Trillo in Gagambino. Currently, she is the maiden feature actress in OBRA.

Jonalyn Viray was the first ever Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion. She is known as the Soul Princess of the Philippines and the voice behind the Darna theme song “Di Na Mag-iisa”. In 2007, Jonalyn competed at Hollywood’s World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) and was awarded the Industry Award Female Vocal Solo for winning five gold medals.

KATRINA HALILI in "FANTASIES" at PALA CASINO, SAN DIEGO, CA FRIDAY, AUG. 22, 2008, 7:00 PM Featuring JONALYN VIRAY and (Pala Casino show only) MARCO SISON with Special Guest Comedians POCA & REY KILAY. Celebrity Center Hollywood on AUG. 23, 2008.

KATRINA HALILI Live in STOCKTON, CA FRIDAY, AUG. 29, 2008 Featuring JONALYN VIRAY and Ichiban Resident Comedians, POCA (2008 Miss Gay California) and REY KILAY at Empire Theatre, 1825 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA 95204 • KATRINA HALILI in "FANTASIES" Live in SAN FRANCISCO, CA SATURDAY, AUG. 30, 2008, 6:00PM Featuring JONALYN VIRAY, KRIS LAWRENCE, POCA and REY KILAY at South San Fancisco High School Auditorium, 400 B Street, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bossa Nova Queen Sitti Navarro under the Moon at Max’s Puente Hills

Photos & article by Jay Fermin (PinoyWired)

Philippine bossa nova queen Sitti Navarro, who have been creating waves worldwide with her sultry and cool rendition of Bossa Nova songs (her CDs hitting the charts), is currently visiting Los Angeles and other US cities for a series of shows.

We caught up with Sitti with an SRO Friday night crowd at the newest Max’s at Puente Hills Mall in California last Friday, August 15. At the outdoor dining area surrounded by waterfalls, rock formation, and soft lights all over, everybody was in anticipation of the newest favorite singer among both old and young Filipinos, Ms. Sitti Navarro herself. She was special guest at the just concluded US Philippine Expo in Fairplex Pomona and will have a series of shows put together by R-Page's CEO Ruben Panopio, Jr. under the direction of Jet Montelibano of www.creativeconceptsintl.com.

After dinner, under the soft light of a full moon, the night became alive with the smooth voice of samba and bossa nova (influenced by Astrud Gilberto and Sergio Mendes) amid the wild cheers and the lovely atmosphere of the cool evening and the intimate setting. Sitti certainly set the place in a very romantic mood and capped the evening with her rendition of “Waters of March”, a night song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. “A stick/ a stone/ a sliver of glass/ a scratch/ a cliff/ a knot in the wood/, a fish/ a pin/ the end of the road/ went the song, but the crowd wanted more…..

This Saturday, August 23, Sitti will be at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in a show entitled “A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC: A Late Summer Night’s Dream Concert” produced by Creative Concepts International and RPJ Productions in association with R-PAGE Inc.

She will be joined onstage by Ms. Joey Albert, best known for her original Pilipino music like “Yakapin Mo Ako” and the revival hit “I Remember The Boy” (also made famous by Lea Salonga.)

Also joining Sitti on Saturday will be American singer, composer and writer David Pomeranz who is known worldwide by his classic songs including “Trying to get the Feeling Again”, “Got To Believe In Magic”, and “King and Queen of Hearts.”

Sitti released her CD 'Cafe Bossa' in 2006 (certified double platinum) and followed it with a re-release in 2007 coupled with a bonus VCD. Her next CD, 'Sitti Live' which has become a gold release. 'Sitti in the Mix', a collaboration work with Dense Modesto was release in 2007 and the CD 'My Bossa Nova came out in the same year. The latter CD was re-released in 2008 with a bonus VCD of Sitti Live!2 entitled 'My Bossa Nova Live 2.'

Scheduled shows are:

August 15 at Max's Puente Hills Mall
August 23 at Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles**
August 29 at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula**
August 31 at Cashman Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada
September 5 at Rebel Bar in New York

(**with Joey Albert & David Pomeranz)

Surely, Sitti with Joey and David will satisfy that longing for a relaxing midsummer night’s dream, a little night music for the soul.

(Tickets available at Wilshire Ebell Theatre Box Office 323-939-1128, Katz Entertainment at 562-219-7235 or 562-787-9030, Marissa 818-219-2009 or visit CreativeConceptsIntl for more info.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Celestial Productions Present the “101 Most Beautiful” - A Pageant for a Cause !

Los Angeles: The candidates to the “101 Most Beautiful” Pageant were presented to members of the media last July 20 at the MZR Estate in Bradbury, California. The partial candidates wore their Aloha dress on the Hawaiian Luau themed media event emceed by Project Director Norma Jean A. Eustaquio and directed by Ms. Cora Pastrana, PR/ Media Director.

Ms Lou Baron, CEO and Founder of Celestial Productions welcomed the media and stated that the Pageant is commissioned to achieve, to inspire, and to encourage everyone as ambassadors of goodwill promoting peach and harmony here in the U.S. as well as around the world.

Mr. Raymond Bagatsing, vocal performer, serenaded the beautiful contestants at the Luau Presscon.

Ms. Diane Schock (former Miss California USA) who is also the Beauty and Pageant Consultant also spoke of making a difference in the life of others by promoting the beauty not only on the outside but also within each and everyone.

Celebrity guests at coronation night include Raymond Bagatsing, Lilia Dizon, Bert Le Roy, Jr., and David Tupaz.

Mr. Fred Quevedo M.D. is the Technical & Music Consultant while Boy Lizaso is the Fashion & Artistic Consultant. Celestial Productions coronation night will be held at the plush OMNI Hotel at California Plaza on Saturday, January 10, 2009. Winners will share in more than $65,000 worth of cash prizes, gifts, & services.

Celestial Productions can be reached at (626) 260-6102 or email at 101MostBeautiful@gmail.com

As they say, beauty springs eternal as the best is yet to come.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bossa Nova Queen Sitti Navarro visits Los Angeles for 'A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC': A Late Summer Night's Dream Concert

Photo & article by Jay Fermin (PinoyWired)

Los Angeles: For the first time, the girl from Ipanema or rather the girl from the Philippines Sitti Navarro, who have been creating waves these past few years with her sultry and cool rendition of Bossa Nova songs, and with her CDs hitting the charts, is currently visiting Los Angeles and other US cities for a series of shows.

We sat down for a relaxing and fun dinner with the young and beautiful Sitti Navarro at the newest Max's Restaurant in Puente Hills to talk with her about her music, her aspirations, and just about anything under the sun. She will be singing at the US Philippine Expo in Fairplex Pomona this weekend of August 9-10, 2008 put together by R-Page's CEO Ruben Panopio under the direction of Jet Montelibano (Creative Concepts).

Taking lounge singing as a hobby while she was in College, now she is excited that Bossa Nova, a genre of music which originated in Brazil from samba and made famous by her idol Astrud Gilberto and brought to the Philippines in the 70's by Bong Penera (of the Batucada band;I still have the cassette tape somewhere)has turned into a promising career for her. Singing since the age of 17, the now 23 year old confided that Bossa Nova which was once popular with the 40's crowd has now been embraced by the younger generation of Filipinos. She added that it is now common to hear 21 year olds hum the tune "Mas Que Nada, thanks to the lovely voice of Sitti Navarro and her beautiful face and personality.

Over dinner with Los Angeles media including Pinoywired's Ver Penaranda, FilAmNation's Manny Legaspi, and Peryodiko's Val Abelgas just to name a few, Sitti engaged us in her jovial, relaxed and fun way on a myriad of topics ranging from serious political stuff, and then back to her unique kind of music (bossa nova means 'something new' in Portuguese), and to trivial small talk of her plan of going to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and of course Hollywood 'just to walk where the stars walk', unknowingly becoming apparent to us that, indeed we are in the presence of a rising star ourselves!

Sitti Navarro's Myspace page says it all: "Pretty and talented Katrina "Sitti" Navarro is a former UP student whose passion is singing. She recently launched Cafe Bossa album with the following songs: Girl from ipanema, Tattooed on my Mind, At 17, Hey Look at the Sun... under Warner Music.

Sitti, whose name means princess in the Muslim dialect, is truly worthy to be Bossa-Manila's new "IT" girl. Her relaxed singing style and soothing voice lingers above the complex harmonies of jazz and samba influenced Brazilian genre, effortlessly gelling lyrics and music together. Her eyes light up when she talks about Bossa Nova. "What I really like best about bossa nova is that the lyrics, message and music is profound. Even if its melancholic at times, it's still easy on the ears.

She is part of a rare and unique breed of people who have both the brains and the looks to back her pleasing personality. Her High School days seem to be a breeze as she was both the editor - in chief of their school's paper and Valedictorian winning of numerous awards most notably the Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo Award, The Gerry A. Roxas Leadership Award and the Jose P. Laurel Academic Excellence Award. This twenty - year - old individual, now proudly holds a degree in BS Business Economics from the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

Although it is her dream to be a successful TV host or a News Anchor, she has made her name as one of Manila's most promising, young singers. She has successfully sung her way to the audiences' hearts in all of her stints with various Music Lounges in the metro. Since the age 16, she has landed gigs at "Harry's Bar at the Top of the Century", the "Diwata Cocktail Lounge" of the Sulo Hotel, the "Hyatt Calesa Bar" to name a few. Blessed with a smile that can surely melt anyone's heart, her Repetoire is as impressive as her talents. People can't help either sing with her or fall in love during her live performances There is a growing line of fans and followers as she ia acclaimed for her sweet and soothing voice.

Sitti released her CD 'Cafe Bossa' in 2006 (certified double platinum) and followed it with a re-release in 2007 coupled with a bonus VCD. Her next CD, 'Sitti Live' which has become a gold release. 'Sitti in the Mix', a collaboration work with Dense Modesto was release in 2007 and the CD 'My Bossa Nova came out in the same year. The latter CD was re-released in 2008 with a bonus VCD of Sitti Live!2 entitled 'My Bossa Nova Live 2.'

Sitti rendered her original song 'Para Sa Akin' as well as the playful samba 'Mas Que Nada', dancing with the beat, which delighted the very receptive crowd at the U.S. Philippine Expo in Fairplex Pomona last August 9-10, 2008. Her CD's were available for sale and she autographed most of it, which was totally sold out! This Friday August 15, her gig at Max's Puente Hills Mall is already SOLD OUT too! Not bad for the bossa nova queen's first ever tour of the U.S.

It was refreshing to see the young and talented Sitti Navarro up close. One cannot stop to wonder how a petite girl like Sitti can take on bossa nova which has once only belonged to the legends like Astrud Gilberto, Joao Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and of course influences from Ella Fitgerald, and do it with a Filipino twist (listen to her original song 'Para Sa Akin', one of my favorites) and lure the younger generation to the music of the early 60s and 70s.

After our pleasant and relaxing dinner, my head was in bossa nova mode: pleasant memories of waking up to the smooth sound of the songs 'Fly Me to the Moon, Lady Wants to Know, Samba Song, With or Without You, One Note Samba, At 17, and Tattooed on My Mind' came flooding back to memory. It is no surprise, the Bossa Nova queen, Sitti Navarro, has brought back the Girl from Ipanema to the United States.

It was through the collaboration of Creative Concepts and R-Page's CEO Mr. Ruben Panopio, Jr. (who brought Sitti to perform at the U.S.-Philippine Expo) that led to Sitti's upcoming and very anticipated 'A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC'at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles on August 23 at 7:30 pm. She will be joined by Original Pilipino Music (OPM) legendary singer Ms. Joey Albert who made famous the songs including "Yakapin Mo Ako, I Remember The Boy, and Tell Me (certified Gold).

This will truly be a wonderful evening of beautiful music especially with Mr. David Pomeranz himself also joining the stage. I can still feel his song "Got To Believe in Magic" as well as the love ballad "King and Queen of Hearts" which has been a favorite thru the years.

To open the show is dynamic new artist Lara Avengoza, whose debut CD "Listen" was recently launched in a solo concert before a jampacked crowd at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California. Her stunning performance earned rave reviews from the local media. And as one writer put it, she has "convinced the music community's talent watchers that she has what it takes to be a major performer, if not a star."

Sitti's first ever U.S. Concert will be a beautiful mix of her samba and bossa nova, Joey Albert's timeless originals, and David Pomeranz love ballads: a must see summer concert that is not to be missed. For the first time, this summer of 2008, Sitti Navarro, the Philippines’ Bossa Nova Queen, brings her refreshing brand of music closer to her U.S.-based fans and bossa music lovers in an exclusive concert tour of key U.S. cities with “A Little Night Music.” In this one magical summer evening, A Little Night Music will bring to you a unique combination of love songs and musical artistry only Sitti Navarro, Joey Albert and David Pomeranz together could deliver.

Show schedules are:

August 15 at Max's Puente Hills Mall
August 23 at Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles**
August 29 at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula**
August 31 at Cashman Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada
September 5 at Rebel Bar in New York

(**with Joey Albert & David Pomeranz)

A Little Night Music is produced by Creative Concepts International and RPJ Productions in association with R-Page, Inc. and the US-Phil Expo 2008. Sponsors are Xoom.com, Onesimus Barong and Suits, Law Offices of Atty. Abraham L. Lim, Cherry’s Salon, Gawad Kalinga, Manila Science High School Batch ’79, LA Builders Lion Club.

Concept and direction is by Jet Montelibano. Music direction by Tateng Katindig.

Media sponsors are Weekend Balita, Asian-American People’s Journal, MyGringos.com, Carouselpinoy.com, and LocalFilipino.com

For tickets and inquiries, call Creative Concepts at (888) 886-7889 or (323) 788-8911, RPJ Productions at (310) 483-6199 or (310) 320-3014, For additional information, visit www.CreativeConceptsIntl.com or send an email to CreativeConceptsIntl@gmail.com.

Tickets are also available at the Wilshire Ebell Box Office (323) 939-1128, Katz Entertainment at (562) 219-7235 or (562) 787-9030, Marissa (818) 219-2009, Rhea (714) 774-9562 or (714) 319-4870, Zeny Laluna (702) 385-7971, Odina Maningas (702) 873-6828, Lucy or Christine (702) 586-0710, Mildred (702) 372-8552.

For more information, visit creativeconceptsintl.com

Monday, August 11, 2008

Philippine Bossa Nova Queen SITTI NAVARRO talks about her music in an interview with Los Angeles media

Philippine bossa nova queen Sitti Navarro is currently in the U.S. for a series of shows. Over dinner last August 7 at Max Puente Hills Mall, she talked with Jay Fermin of www.PinoyWired.com and Manny Legaspi of FilAmNation.com about her music, her aspirations, and her upcoming projects.

Enjoy the video:

Interviewed by Jay Fermin (PinoyWired.com)
Video courtesy of Manny Legaspi (FilAmNation.com)
Still photos: Ver Penaranda (PinoyWired.com)


(A Late Summer Night's Dream Concert)
featuring Sitti Navarro and special guest Joey Albert
with the very special guest appearance of David Pomeranz

For the first time, this summer of 2008, Sitti Navarro, the Philippines' Queen of Bossa Nova, brings her refreshing brand of music to her U.S.-based fans and all bossa music lovers in an exclusive concert tour of key U.S. cities with special guests Ms. Joey Albert and David Pomeranz in "A Little Night Music." In this one magical summer evening, you will witness a unique combination of love songs and flawless musical artistry only Sitti Navarro, Joey Albert and David Pomeranz together could deliver.

First stop is Los Angeles at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre on August 23, 2008 (Saturday) at 7:30 p.m., followed by a pre-Labor Day weekend performance at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California, on August 29, 2008 (Friday) at 9:00 p.m., and then capped with the third and final performance at the Cashman Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 31, 2008 (Sunday) at 7:30 p.m. on Labor Day weekend.

Sitti Navarro or simply Sitti is one of the Philippines' newest young singers best known for her bossa nova singing style which highlights her uniquely soothing voice and strikingly beautiful persona. Debuting only in 2006, she first swept the nation with a string of bossa-style cover songs and has since become a full-fledged concert performer and certified recording artist with 4 best-selling albums to her name: Cafe Bossa (2006, Double Platinum), Sitti Live! (2007, Gold), Sitti In The Mix (2007), and My Bossa Nova (2007). Favorite Sitti hits include: Girl From Ipanema, Tattooed On My Mind, At 17, Hey Look At The Sun, I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love, Invisible War, One Note Samba, Soft Melody, You On My Mind, Lady Wants To Know, Close To You/Half A Minute, Samba Song, Bridges, Mas Que Nada, Wave, Fly Me To The Moon, and Para Sa Akin.

Joey Albert is a favorite concert performer of many Filipinos and best known for her string of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) hits such as Points of View (with Pops Fernandez), Yakapin Mo Ako, Kumukutikutitap, Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin, I Remember The Boy, Iisa Pa Lamang, Sa Iyo Lamang, Million Miles Away, and most especially her hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Louie Ocampo original and monster hit Tell Me, a certified Gold Record for which she was awarded the prestigious 1985 Cecil Awards' Best Female Recording Artist. Tell Me was such a colossal hit that it topped the charts as a remake by the Side A Band in 1998 and was also recorded by American singer-composer David Pomeranz in 2000. "I Remember The Boy" was a revival hit by Lea Salonga. Many of Joey's songs have been performed countless times and immortalized by popular recording artists of different generations.

David Pomeranz is an American singer, composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theatre, who has endeared himself to Filipinos in the Philippines and all over the world with hit classics including Trying to Get the Feeling Again, The Old Songs, (both recorded by Barry Manilow), King and Queen of Hearts, Got To Believe in Magic (from the 1982 Scott Baio hit movie "Zapped"), Born For You and It's In Everyone Of Us (featured in the Tom Hanks film Big and later at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. He endeared himself more to the Filipinos when he performed and recorded the Joey Albert-Louie Ocampo original love song Tell Me and the Filipino Christmas classic Pasko Na Sinta Ko. In an exciting and varied career spanning a wide range of musical media, David Pomeranz's multi-platinum selling songs, recordings and concert performances have delighted and inspired millions all over the world.

To open the show is dynamic new artist Lara Avengoza, whose debut CD "Listen" was recently launched in a solo concert before a jampacked crowd at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California. Her stunning performance earned rave reviews from the local media. And as one writer put it, she has "convinced the music community's talent watchers that she has what it takes to be a major performer, if not a star."

A Little Night Music is directed by Jet Montelibano and produced by Creative Concepts International and RPJ Productions in association with R-Page, Inc., and the US-Phil Expo 2008. Sponsors are Xoom.com Global Money Transfer, Onesimus.com.ph (Online Shop for Suits & Barongs), Law Offices of Atty. Abraham L. Lim, Unite Cars, Cherry's Salon, Gawad Kalinga, Manila Science High School Batch '79, LA Builders Lions Club, Globe Express International Las Vegas branch, and LA Sound Machine. Music direction is by Tateng Katindig.

Media sponsors are Asian Journal, Weekend Balita, Asian-American People's Journal, Ang Peryodiko, FilAmNation.com, Carouselpinoy.com, LocalFilipino.com and Las Vegas Valley Balita.

For tickets and inquiries, call Creative Concepts at (888) 886-7889 or (323) 788-8911, RPJ Productions at (310) 483-6199 or (310) 320-3014, For additional information, visit www.creativeconceptsintl.com or send an email to CreativeConceptsIntl@gmail.com.

Tickets are also available at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre Box Office 323-939-1128, Dental Office of Dr. Susan Gomez-Baba 323-660-8778, M&D Productions 818-802-6107, Katz Entertainment at 562-219-7235 or 562-787-9030, Marissa 818-219-2009, Rhea 714-774-9562 or 714-319-4870, Zeny Laluna 702-385-7971, Odina Maningas 702-873-6828, Lucy or Christine 702-586-0710, Mildred 702-372-8552.


Also watch out for "Dolphy@80 Live! in LA" on October 11, 2008 at the Shrine Auditorium. For inquiries, call 888-886-7889.


Edith Montelibano
Creative Concepts Intl.
T: 323-788-8911

Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Miguel Vera Show ( TMV ) is a 30-minute weekly TV talk show featuring celebrity interviews with the famous and not so famous and also includes an on the road segment featuring different American cities with a brief history of the place, points of interest and places to go. The TV talk show will also showcase Miguel Vera’s the host’s musical talent showcasing him in a musical number singing a song and sometimes with a guest in every TV episode.

The TV show will feature an interview segment, an on the road segment and a musical number.

The Miguel Vera Show is scheduled to air on KXLA-44 every Sunday from 4:30-5:00 PM starting August 10, 2008. KXLA is a full power television broadcast station broadcasting on channel 44, serving many diverse cultures of the Los Angeles region. The station is available on substantially all cable systems in the Los Angeles region (including Adelphia, Charter, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner) as well as satellite TV – DirectTV and DishNetwork. KXLA’s over-the-air broadcast signal extends as far South to San Clemente, East to Banning, West to Catalina Island and North to Lancaster. KXLA-44 reaches to approximately
5.6 million households.

The Miguel Vera Show, a TV talk show for the 21st century.

Miguel Vera (The Host)

Theater acting isn’t new for this well-rounded performer. Having played lead roles in various musical plays, Miguel Vera has his own acting experiences and achievements to boast of.

A true blue theater buff, his first try in stage acting was in 1991 when he played the male lead role in Bulwagang Gantimpala’s Pepe en Pilar. Then a string of lead performances followed. He got the pivotal part in the stage production of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Rama Hari. He was Jose Rizal in Ilustrado and the lead actor in the Noli and Fili musicals. Critics likewise lauded him for his portrayal of Emilio Aguinaldo in Aguinaldo : 1898 and as the rebel Joselito in Paglayang Minamahal.

One of the biggest breaks in his career was being part of the much acclaimed musical play, Miss Saigon. He played the role of Thuy in the Manila, Hong Kong, and Singapore performances.

Miguel is best remembered for the Bagong Tunog TV commercial which made him a household name for some time. With his vocal power, he was also among the first batch of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) – Fe S. Panlilio scholars and was a grand prize winner at the Metro Musika National Competition.

Apart from this, Miguel has also done three albums, in which all received Platinum Record Awards. He also appeared in local movies and television series in ABS-CBN’s Buttercup, Mangarap Ka, and Spirits. This well-traveled versatile artist has already performed for Filipino expats in various countries such as Spain, Greece, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Brunei, and Papua New Guinea and also had special shows in Canada, Guam, Hong Kong and Australia.

With his combined singing and acting skills matched by his charm and strong presence on stage, Miguel Vera unmistakably conquers his audience. Singer, TV personality and a stage actor-Miguel is what we call a complete performing artist.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Pomona, CA — The anticipated Annual U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO 2008 is this weekend! Get ready to enjoy the fun filled, two day, Grand Cultural, Trade and Consumer Show for the entire family on August 9-10, in Building 4 of the Fairplex L.A. County Fairgrounds!

Whether you enjoy watching shows with famous artists from the Philippines and amazing cultural performers, or prefer shopping and taking a stroll through all the exhibits of Filipino and American products and services, or like enjoying great food with your family and friends – this event is for you!

With exciting performances by Randy Santiago, Charice, and Sitti Navarro during the Show of Shows…you won’t want to miss this once a year opportunity. So much is in store with more performances by: Paul Enriquez, Long Espina, Mon David, Marilou Toler, and Dan D. Want more? See cultural performances galore with groups such as Teatro Kandusay, Kambayoka Arts, Barkada Entertainment Company, and Sinulog Ladies along with special numbers by Chime. Also, take the chance to meet your favorite artists during Meet and Greets in the Celebrity Lounge with special guests such as Jannelle So and Ron Dante.

Then, cheer on your favorites as the young and talented Filipino and Filipino Americans present their best in friendly competitions in the Ms. U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO Competition, Singing Star Competition, and Junior Singing Star Competition. See celebrity judges and watch to see who wins 1st Place for $650.00 and 2nd Place for $350.00! Our Filipino and Filipino American talents will surely draw you in and blow you away!

Of course, don’t forget to show your support during our Salute to Our Troops where we honor Service Men and Women for their commitment to protecting our freedom. The Great Achievers Awards will acknowledge and pay tribute to Filipino and Filipino Americans who remind us of the excellence and valued contributions of our community. U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO 2008 Great Achievers Awardees include: Jet Montelibano, Creative Director; Aimee Galicia Torres, Cinematographer; and James Trapp, Inventor. Furthermore, join R-P.A.G.E. Inc., organizers of the U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO, as they show their appreciation for this year’s Community Service Award recipient, Bantay Bata. Learn more about Bantay Bata by visiting them at Booth No. 204-205.

The Presenting Sponsor, ABS-CBN, Co-Presenting Sponsors Normandie Casino, LA 18, and Asian American People’s Journal proudly present the U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO 2008 with R-P.A.G.E., Inc. Participating Sponsors such as Asian Journal, The Hilton Hotel, CHASE, Department of Trade and Industry, Mabuhay Radio, The Law Offices of Abraham Lemoyne Lim, Manila US Times, Department of Tourism, LA Sound Machines, RPJ Productions and Talent Agency, Frontliners Media Group, Photo Reporters, Fil-Estate Global, Creative Concepts, and Weekend Balita well as Component Sponsors such as Western Union and Fil Am Nation show great support towards the Filipino and Filipino-American community and look forward to another great year.

So, come out to: Shop through all the exhibits; stay awhile in the Kababayan Village for Filipino products and services straight from the Philippines; eat delicious authentic Filipino food with your friends and family; and laugh in the Kids Corner with clowns and magicians. Also, all attendees are welcome to dress in Filipiniana attire! Furthermore, take advantage of all the awesome deals and raffles for prizes during Sponsorship Spotlights and Exhibitor Highlights.

It’s here, the Annual U.S.-PHILIPPINES EXPO 2008, an event that you won’t want to miss!

A percentage of ticket sale proceeds will go towards Bantay Bata. TICKETS AVAILABLE at the door. $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 6-12 years of age & seniors; free admission for children 5 years of age and under. For more information please visit our website at www.R-PAGE.com or call (310) 561-8474 TODAY. Member: National Association of Consumer Shows.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

‘BETERANO’ photo exhibit visits Fairplex Pomona Fairgrounds August 9-10

(Balita Media)

The traveling ‘BETARANO’ photo exhibit of the Frontliners Media Group, a display of portraits of World War II Filipino-American veterans, will make a brief stop at the Fairplex Pomona Fairgrounds on August 9 and 10 during the U.S. Philippines Expo.

Sponsored by BALITA, the photo exhibit will give expo attendees the chance to see the faces of the living, albeit aging, heroes taken by the photographers of Frontliners Media Group, which has decided to join other advocates in bringing forth the Fil-Am veterans’ quest to attain full equity, who until now are being denied equal benefits accorded to other war veterans.

Though the U.S. Senate passed a bill to provide this added compensation to Fil-Am veterans, the U.S. Congress has yet to act on the measure, which needs 290 votes to pass for a sure passage, but Congress only has a few days left before it adjourns this year’s sesssion.

Advocates see this year as the bill’s last push. It has taken San Diego Congressman Bob Filner a decade for the bill to move in Congress. The measure would provide $900 a month more for each veteran living in the U.S. and $300 each for those in the Philippines. As penned, the Congressional Budget Office said it would cost $4.5 billion over five years for all Filipino veterans if approved.

The photo exhibit began last month at the Philippine Consulate. Next stop was held at the Los Angeles City College. After the brief two-day exhibit in Pomona, Frontliners will try to bring the photographs across the nation, and hopefully all the way to Washington — at the Capitol’s doorstep — to press for the passage of the equity bill.

Frontliners Project Committee Chief Jun Camacho urged everyone to visit the BALITA booth to see the photos. he also invited other Fil-Am veterans to come and be photographed so they can be included in the photo exhibit.

Balita and the FMG BETERANO exhibit will occupy four booths in the middle row leading to the main stage (Booths number 233-234, 259-260) at the U.S. Philippine Expo in Fairplex Pomona, Building 4, 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona Ca. and will be from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The U.S.-Philippines Expo is the longest running ‘wholesome entertainment and fabulous consumer show’ dedicated to the Filipino-American community. It is held every August of each year since the early 90’s.

See you there and do not miss the BETERANO photo exhibit at the BALITA MEDIA booth.

Manilatown Is In The Heart/Time Travel With AL Robles

First showing August 9, 2008 7PM at the International Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny Street (at Jackson), San Francisco.

This will be a one-time screening of the Manilatown Special Extended Edition, running 58 minutes, of ""Al is a legendary San Francisco poet, and the movie about him has taken 30 years to complete. The showing is hosted by the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, in conjunction with the exhibit "Manongs of Manilatown: The Inspiration of Al Robles". Donation of $15 is suggested. A limited number of DVDs will be offered with a huge discount.

A one-man social service agency and poet, Al Robles is truly one of Asian America's hidden gems.

For three decades, he has been roaming Chinatown/Manilatown's single-room occupancy hotels, taking elderly veterans to their appointments and delivering lunch to shut-ins.

Al is the link to the disappearing manong generation, the bachelor society that came from the Philippines in the 1920s and '30s as workers. He records, interprets, and channels their stories. Al's musical talent graces much of the action. but it is his performance at poetry readings - his ability to whisk the audience into altered states - that shines through brilliantly.

International Hotel Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny Street, San Francisco

More info about the screening: www.manilatown.org/events.htm

More info about the movie, and other associated Manilatown titles: www.chonkmoonhunter.com

Katrina Halili 'Fantasies' in Hollywood

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