Monday, June 16, 2008


Hollywood: The G-GIRLZ, DESTINEE, KEANA, AND SAVANNAH, are a combination of 3 very special, very talented girls from an extremely diverse, multi-ethnic background. Destinee, 14 is a combination of African-American, Filipino, and Mexican; Keana, 13 is Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Irish, and Cherokee Indian; and Savannah, 13 is Vietnamese and Dutch. The girls combine their natural yet glamorous looks, multi-cultural talents, and unique sound into one awesome package!

The G-GIRLZ not only want to impact the pre-teen/teen music and fashion industry----they aim to be genuine role-models for girls of all ages, bridging cultural gaps with their music. Their unique look combined with their passion for singing, dancing and genuine love for their fans will redefine the meaning of what a girl group should be.

We will be posting new updates, photos, and videos so you, the fans can have a first look and behind the scenes access to all of G-GIRLZ & trade upcoming projects! Make sure to check our blog for the latest on Destinee, Keana, and Savannah THE G-GIRLZ just completed filming their debut music video in Santa Barbara with award-winning MTV/DISNEY director Marty Thomas and will be debuting it along with the song on I-TUNES in May 2008!

WATCH OUT FOR THE G-GIRLZ ....."Glamorous but Real".....

The G-Girlz Premier Party celebrating the launch of their single and music video for their debut song "G-Girlz Purze" will take place on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at the AMC Theater in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA.

Popstar! Magazine is the official sponsor and will be present to cover the event.

Invited celebrities include: Vanessa and Stella Hudgens, Joey Page, Selena Gomez, Girlicious, Jasmine Villegas, Demi Lovato,, Michael Copon, Chilli (from TLC), and more!

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