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And the new 'Miss Asia USA 2008' is: Diane Yoo representing Korea

Glendale, CA: The winner of the Miss Asia USA Cultural Pageant held June 21, 2008 at the historic Alex Theatre in Glendale is 26 year old Diane Yoo representing Korea. She stands 5'8" and will represent Miss Asia USA. The reigning Miss Asia USA will also be The Ambassador of Culture and Goodwill. The Queen will grace a myriad of special public appearances to promote culture and goodwill.

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I have been involved with pageants for over 7 years. I attended the Miss Asia USA pageant that is produced by Virgelia Productions last night. I could not beleive that Diane Yoo from KOREA was chosen as the winner!She represents everything that a pageant girl is not and one that should not have been chosen as the queen. In the parade of costumes Diane Yoo intentially stopped the production number when she walked out and to the front of the stage, stopped and did a shake and scream for about 10 seconds! This was not rehearsed and she stopped the other girls from coming out until she decided that she was through. When she was announced as the winner for best national costume the audience was silent. Confused and in disbelief!

In swimsuit Diane Yoo walked on stage with a haughty -come F_ _ _ me attitude and did a sleazy strip tease in her two piece bikini. Acting on stage like she was climaxing displaying low class and an embarrassment to the Asian community. You could hear the audience laughing including myself. Evening gown she came out in a hugh blue puff of fluff that looked more like a Costume than an evening gown. Her train took up 1/4 of the stage and all the other contestants had to go out of their way to avoid stepping all over it. Diane showed poor sporstmanship in intentionally hogging the stage and walking to the front of the stage in Evening Gown and standing there even though it was not her turn. In her question and answer segment of the pageant - Diane Yoo never answered the question and came off as the most phony, insincere drama queen to ever participate in the pageant. It was a disappointment when she was announced as the winner and I can only imagine the reactions of the other contestants. I know the reaction of the audience was dismay and confusion. This girl is going to be representing the Asian Community? What an embarrassment to the Asian people!


@ Pageant Fan: Having met most of the candidates and interviewed some of them, I cannot believe that Productions let one of the candidates hug the stage as you reported. (One reason why I did not attend the main pageant; I was at the Miss Asia USA presentation to the Media May 18 at The Biltmore). I don’t like drama.

But if program cue and controls were in place (i.e. changing lights & sounds) by production, no one should really be allowed to ‘adlib’ moves on stage or do as they please.

Interesting but controversial outcome for the Pageant: Let us hear from Virgelia Productions on their side.

However, the criteria for judging should be fair and authenticated properly. Would a little overtly implied striptease and some ’sound effects’ as you reported sway strongly the scores of the judging panel in selecting the ‘Role Model’ of American Asian young women of today? Have our perception of what is a good role model for the American Asian women gone south?

Was the ‘action & sound’ done on stage the classic stereotype of the post modern American Asian women? If so, it is very degrading indeed. Forgive my interesting and controversial questions.

Thank you for your comment at PW.
Posted by Jay Fermin (PinoyWired) | June 22, 2008, 12:37 pm

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