Friday, May 9, 2008


(Los Angeles) Actress-filmmaker, Diana Lee Inosanto (L) shares a moment with supporter and Pussycat Dolls' frontwoman, Nicole Scherzinger at the post premiere after-party following the SRO World Premiere of Ms. Inosanto's poetically touching feature narrative, THE SENSEI, Sunday, May 4 at the prestigious Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. The film marked Ms. Inosanto's directorial debut and was one of a remarkably large representation of cinematic works by Filipino and Filipino American filmmakers including an amazing nine World Class feature films in: FOSTER CHILD and TIRADOR (Brillante Mendoza), SANTA MESA (Ron Morales), PISAY[PHILIPPINE SCIENCE] (Auraeus Solito), NEO LOUNGE (Joanna Vasquez-Arong),TRIBU (Jim Libiran), BLOOD BROTHERS (Alexi Tan, produced by John Woo) and John Torres' magnum opus, YEARS WHEN I WAS A CHILD OUTSIDE which featured a live accompanying musical score.

Inosanto, one of Hollywood's top stuntwomen and a practicing Martial Artist, is the daughter of renown Filipino Martial Artist/actor, Danny Inosanto and the Goddaughter of her father's best friend, the late Bruce Lee. Among her sold out screening guests included Entourage's Rex Lee, actors Dustin Nguyen and Costas Mandylor and MMA legend, Bas Rutten.

Photos by Jay Fermin

The 24th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival presented by Honda was produced by Visual Communications, the nation's premier Asian American media arts resource and was supported by a host of community organizations including FilAm ARTS and SIPA.

Winston Emano
Visual Communications - Directors Guild of America DGA
photo credit: Florante Ibanez for Visual Communications