Thursday, May 29, 2008

News from Debra Stocker, Editor In Chief of All Access Magazine

May 29, 2008

News from Debra Stocker, Editor In Chief,

Well, well, music lovers. Have we seen some crazy weather here in Southern CA these days or what? With all the slippin’, slidin’ and twistin’ going on, it makes you wonder: Is CA really "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" from, say, Kansas? Or did Dorothy and her lil' house just land here too?

Speaking of JOURNEY, did you know our last issue created an "off the charts" response? We had record-breaking hits to our website of over 60,000+ a day! AAM would like to thank all the magazines and webzines that ran our JOURNEY cover and interview by Valerie Nerres, especially PINOY WIRED ( and LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES ( Journey fans around the world read AAM and just like AAM, welcomed the band’s new frontman Arnel Pineda.

So why all the interest in Classic Rock these days? I'm glad you asked. Classic Rock is the backbone to our music scene. May we never forget the classics and the writers and musicians – some of whom gave their life to the music.

Yes, the times and music have changed. It's a rare thing these days to have to stand in line for a packed club. People just aren't going out to enjoy live music like they did in the past. Is it really all a money thing? The economy? Or are we just bored with the same old bands that play the same old clubs night after night?

Or maybe you’re that band, and just can't afford to play that pay-to-play club. Well, remember: Whether you could afford it, or just didn't want to afford it, it doesn't make the music of the bands who did pay to play there any better or worse than your band’s music. And there are plenty of better ways to spend your money. Have you checked out My Record Label? It's FREE and YOU KEEP ALL OF YOUR ROYALTIES. Their mission is "to empower the independent recording artists” by providing “artists of all genres with the opportunity to have their music heard by industry professionals." Check them out:

Should you decide to scrap together a few pennies and go out to see some live music, please remember to check out our new Concerts and Casinos page at And feel free to email us info on upcoming festivals, casino events, music events or concerts, and we'll add them to the page for FREE!

Also check out our Events Calendar where you'll find money-saving coupons and flyers for all the shows and events you'll ever want to go to. That's right, the next time you want to go to a club and see a national band, go to the AAM Events Calendar and see what local bands are opening. Remember that although many local artists get the “opportunity” to perform with national bands, they have to pay to do so. This is how you can help support them: Buy your ticket from that opening band! You'll save $$$ and help support indie music too!

Here’s a BIG thanks to YOU, our readers, for reading AAM and making us your #1 source for the best in music and entertainment! Spread the word: All Access ROCKS!

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