Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hollywood Party ala Gringos

A party is not a real party unless you can compare it to a Hollywood party. We are talking about talented, beautiful, eclectic, and energized personas that decide to meet in one location and harmonize. Factor in artists with great musical abilities singing from the heart and thus we have the embryo of a Hollywood shindig. You throw in a bikini contest plus ramp models walking to the beat of electronica, now, that’s a party !

Slideshow photos by Jay Fermin pinoywired.com

May 3, Saturday night at the Pig n Whistle (6714 Hollywood Bl, Hollywood CA) was where this happened. The 2nd anniversary of upcoming Filipino owned website Mygringos.com was celebrated. The party kicked-off about 10:00PM with a bevy of beautiful people standing in line outside waiting for the attractive hostesses to check their names against the guest list. One could feel the aura and the rhythms of the Strip while standing al fresco. The perfect weather reminded me of that song “California Dreamin” by the Mamas and the Papas. Yes indeed, this was going to be good night to have some fun!

Manny Legaspi, founder of MyGringos.com

Antoinette Taus

Inside the club, vocalists ANTOINETTE TAUS, RED OYSTER, SHEILA FERRARI, and MARICAR CABRERA warmed up the place with their jazz and blues pieces. A little bit of rock and roll was thrown in there to set up the pace. The crowd as I mentioned consisted of mostly young, beautiful people. Majority were Filipino Americans who knew website owner MANNY LEGASPI and his network of work associates. A lot of gorgeous Filipinas, reflective of how the women of our culture are cosmetically superior, enhanced audience quality to the max.

Mon David belts out "One Note Samba" with a Filipino twist

It was one of those parties wherein no one actually knew everyone, but not a problem. The music (and the drinks) fused all into one large happy group swaying to the beat of the sounds. The celebration picked up more speed about 11:00PM when jazz master MON DAVID picked up the mike and sung his brand of jazz. Great vocal jamming with South American twist to it. Wonderful entertainment!

Janelle So, host of Kababayan LA TV18

JANELLE SO of KABABAYAN LA could not miss the party and showed up. She congratulated Mygringos.com on its 2nd anniversary and kudos to Manny Legaspi for establishing the site. Any occasion that Ms So attends is indicative of that’s where the happening is. In Southern California, like everywhere else, there is this “In” group of Filipino Americans that have the pulse of the local community. They know which celebrities are performing where and when. They keep tabs of upcoming Filipino talent that performs not necessarily in Manila but more the American scene. The media is part of this group. They know where to go and who to cover. TED BENITO of TDRZ productions, event organizer and promoter, had a big hand in getting the talent together for this celebration. He would know whom to cover and where to go.

After a brief party halftime with nonstop DJ music playing hip hop, along came the Bikini contest. Well, gentlemen, what more can I say. It was hard to get close enough to the bikini models to take pictures because of the guys blocking my way. Other than the models, there were plenty attractive women in the audience. What were those words, yes, “eye candy”!

BAMBI LOPEZ and LONG ESPINA performed as a duet and sung powerful songs. I tell you, this Filipino talents are everywhere. Then came Ariel Agasang’s models showing his tasteful, creative designs. Ariel is a very much upcoming designer well recognized in today’s international fashion world. As his models walked the ramp, fantastic light and smoke special effects added surrealism to the event.

Melissa Reyes from the "Search for the Next Pussycat Doll"

Then came MELISSA REYES. She is a member of the Pussycat Dolls. Need I say more? Ms Reyes belted out songs from the heart. The place was rockin’ as she bumped and swayed to the rhythm of her rendition of “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. She held the party goers captive with about five songs. Ms Reyes is Filipina-American born in Batangas. Planning to leave for the old country soon and work on more musical projects.

The Mygringos 2nd anniversary party ended about 2:00AM Sunday. People were still energized by all that talent. Wonderful to have a weekend this way. We salute Manny Legaspi and the crew of Mygringos.com for a progressive two years.

For sure, as time flies by, this website will (if not already) be at the forefront of local Filipino-American consciousness for social and news events.

May the Force be with you!