Saturday, April 26, 2008

Loboc Children’s Choir Performs in Riverside California

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The innocence of their youth is evidenced by the sweetness of their voices.

The Loboc Children’s Choir hails from the town of Loboc in the island of Bohol, Philippines. Composed of 30 boys and girls averaging about 9 to 13 yrs of ages.At home in Bohol, they sing for visiting dignitaries and tourists.

LCC (Loboc Children’s Choir) is a three time national champion for NAMYA (National Music Competition for Young Artists) in the Philippines. The group has traveled thru Europe bagging multiple awards in Spain, and besting 12 other international choirs to win grand prize in the European festival cup.

This superb choir has a repertoire of English, Spanish, Italian, and Filipino songs. Their singing is reminiscent of the world renowned Vienna Choir. The big difference is knowing that a choir of this quality is definitely a product of the Philippines. Not only do they sing well as a group but there are moments when a child steps forward and sings solo. This is when you realize the talent that is packed into this choir. It is a breeding ground for future Lea Salonga’s and Charmaine Clamor’s in the making. And the young boys, watch out Martin Nievera and Gary V !

The show was held at the University of California Riverside in the Humanities Building on Friday, April 25. Start time was 8:00pm and lasted thru 9:30pm. The setting was cozy with about 300 people in the mixed audience. Here again was a demonstration of how quality singing of Pilipino songs can mesmerize an audience of non-Filipino speaking audience. It is so refreshing to hear voices of talented young children merged together in wonderful melodies . This is the closest you can hear angels in Heaven singing on Earth. The choir combined dance steps with their singing. Again, the innocence exuded by young children as they perform wonderful music is a therapy of some sorts. It fills up the heart and heals the soul.

We smile and remember those years when we too were young and full of life.

The Loboc Children’s Choir is very much in demand. They are scheduled to perform in New York and Toronto Canada this year. This is Filipino talent that we can be really proud of. Be young and uncomplicated again. Watch them sing when you get a chance. It’s good stuff!

Check out more on the choir via their website

Written by: John F Lacson/