Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Only Takes a Moment

In life, real love is hard to find
You have to be lucky and hope the Lord is kind
When you look for it, it eludes you
Trying to find that someone who can be true
You go on day to day sometimes hoping, sometimes not
That you meet that person whom you may like a lot
There are days you give up and don’t really care
If you find that relationship which will make you share
Then, the heavens smile and along comes this person
Who respects you, loves you, and gives you a reason

You look forward to being with him or her
Counting the days till you can be together
All that matters is seeing a smile on that face
Which may as well amount to heavenly grace
Laughing, and walking while enjoying the sun
Feeling the warmth as you both hold hands

Love is priceless, it makes us feel great
Knowing that you may have indeed found a soul mate
And when you experience this, it stays in your heart
Almost like a bulls-eye hit by a dart

But, it only takes a moment to lose a love
Caused by angry moods, maybe an unkind word
Pride comes in, then a verbal push and shove
That cuts thru the heart like a slashing sword

You get up then say your goodbyes
Feeling hurt not wanting to apologize
You both conclude its not working out
And at that moment you don’t have a doubt

It may take you a week, a month, maybe a year
To get over the pain and not shed a tear
You will always remember the great times you had
An in retrospect your relationship wasn’t all that bad

It only takes a moment to destroy something beautiful
A love which took a while to nurture and build
But that’s no reason to feel regretful
Since sooner or later we will all heal

As time passes by you move on but will always remember
The laughter you had while you were together
And on a bright day as you enjoy the warmth of the sun
You may recall that chapter in life when you had so much fun

Then you think what if you stayed and didn’t have that fight
Would things for you now be more complete and right?
Feeling this way you wonder what does it prove?
And the answer is
It only takes a moment to remember a love.

Written by: John F Lacson