Saturday, February 9, 2008

American Idol hopeful Renaldo Lapuz hits the airwaves.

Renaldo Lapuz is a contestant on American Idol Season 7. Renaldo was a big hit on the first audition premier. He sang his own composition, the song “I Am Your Brother, Your Best Friend Forever”, which was a hit with the judges. His video from Youtube has already earned hundreds of comments with 133,000 plus views. And I don't know if people are making a mockery out of it. But look, hours after his audition was aired, kids are already singing his original song in New York.

GMA News reported that "as soon as Renaldo Lapuz entered the American Idol audition room in Dallas, Texas, the three AI judges knew that they were in for an entertaining time. Wearing a flamboyant silver cape, fuzzy white adornments and fluffy white hat that had Simon written on it, the 44-year old Filipino from Reno, Nevada, was given his moment in the spotlight—and is now immortalized in the video-sharing site YouTube."

Renaldo performed his original composition titled "We're Brothers Forever," showing that he is not only a talented composer but can also carry a tune, unlike William Hung. Simon Cowell was unimpressed at first but later on, he waved his hands as if conducting the Filipino singer."

Now the whirlwind popularity of this 45 year old composer-singer Renaldo hosts a website called which even offers Valentine's Day Special: for $19.00 on Paypal, Renaldo will personally deliver your words to your valentine followed by a live over the phone performance of his Idol hit song "We're Brothers Forever." Also on his website, it highlights possible record and booking deals for the new Idol star, the latest being a scheduled trip to New York in March (his first visit to the big apple) where he is scheduling performances on TV, Radio, Airport, and even Times Square. His website now boasts that it is receiving more visits than Idol Kelly Clarkson's website. It even displays proof that his website is more popular than the website of Elvis with 6.8 million visits. And of course, you can download free "We're Brothers Forever" ringtones too. Access Hollywood did a piece on Renaldo which aired last January 20, 2008.

Renaldo works for the night crew of Walmart in Reno and flew to Dallas to audition with American Idol season 7. Now, there is even talk that the Mallof family, owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas has invited Renaldo as a special guest on one of the games this season. What can I say, but I bow to you Renaldo for your talent, character, and tenacity, real positive traits that will make your dreams and desires. Sing on.

Jay Fermin ppp-usa