Monday, January 7, 2008


Winning big bucks does not get any better or more fun than this with GMA Pinoy TV’s Whammy! Push Your Luck!

Whammy! Push Your Luck!, the most exhilarating game show to hit Philippine television, is from Fremantle Media—which brought to life worldwide hit television shows: American Idol and The Apprentice, as well as the most popular game shows of all time: The Price is Right and Family Feud.

Whammy! Push Your Luck!, hosted by Paolo Bediones and Rufa Mae Quinto, is the newest and most thrilling game of luck on Philippine television and will be bringing in big bucks the Pinoy way!

Whammy! Push Your Luck! is the updated, faster-paced version of the game show “Press Your Luck.”

Just like the classic version, three players vie for big bucks and fabulous prizes on a giant electronic game board as they try to avoid the dreaded Whammy. To enjoy the game, there are certain terms that must be learned: A “spin” is a turn or a chance to play in the Big Board. The “Big Board” displays an array of cash, prizes, and several hidden Whammies. The lights on the Big Board would spin, and to stop this, a player must PUSH the button and yell “STOP!” This stops the bouncing light on the board and determines what they receive. A player accumulates cash or prizes whenever he hits them on the Big Board. However, the WHAMMY is what players must dread and avoid, for once a player hits Whammy, it will come out to taunt him and seize everything he accumulated.

Three lucky studio contestants will get a chance to try their luck in winning lots of cash and prizes in three rounds of the game. In Round 1, players must vie for the most number of cash and prizes earned. Players can spin as many times as they would like until the round ends or when they hit a Whammy. They could also freeze a round and take what they have got into the final round. As the players continue to play in Round 1, more and more Whammies are added to the Big Board. Strategy is important because finishing in first place at the end of the first round brings the player an advantage in the final round, since he will be the last to play.

In Round 2, players must earn the most number of spins to be used in the Final Round, and they can do this by answering trivia questions. In this question round, the host asks a question, which the players may answer by buzzing-in. If the player who buzzed-in first answers correctly, he will automatically earn three spins. The other two players may answer through the multiple choices given, and if they get to answer correctly, they each also win one spin. The more spins each contestant accumulates, the greater the chance they have to make serious money in the Final Round.

The cash and prizes are raised in the Final Round. However, the danger is even greater because Extreme Whammies are now hidden in the Big Board. The players will now use the spins they have earned from the previous round in an all-out war for cash and prizes. There is also a bit more strategy in this round as players can now pass their spins to the opponent in the lead if they feel a Whammy is lurking around the corner. After the last, suspenseful spin is taken, the player with the highest total in cash and prizes will take it all home and is declared the winner!

There will be one Big Winner each day in the newest game show that would surely put the viewers’ luck to the test: Whammy! Push Your Luck! on GMA Pinoy TV. Call your preferred pay TV operator now and subscribe to GMA PINOY TV. For more information, please log on to