Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hearts Thru the Internet

Times were when a single person had to go to parties or clubs to meet potential soul mates. Those were the days (and nights) when the individual got all dressed and psyched up to attend an event or meet a date. Even with all that preparation, chances are that you would not meet that special someone. Either the other person was not your type or did not meet up to your expectations.

The introduction of the computer and those single websites have opened up a new dimension on how to meet that other person you want in your life. It is an efficient way of meeting tons of new people all over the world thus expanding the collection in that process of collecting and selecting.

Logging into a website looking for a potential mate seems to be what single people are into nowadays. I don’t blame them. The price of transportation and bar drinks have really gone up. The majority would rather be in the safety of their homes logged into the internet thus saving all that cash. You then go out on a date once you have met a person who hopefully lives close enough. That way, introduction is out of the way since by virtue that person is not a complete stranger.

Does internet dating take romance out of the picture? It really boils down on the individual. If by nature you are a loving person and you like someone online, then your true person should migrate from yourself to that laptop or desktop which you are using. But beware, there are a lot of players and scammers out there who play games.

Married men (and women) portraying to be single may break your heart with promises of love and a wonderful future family. Individuals who endear themselves to you and ask for monetary assistance to pay for imaginary problems they have.

Never send cash to individuals you have not met in person. There are people out there who are professional scammers. That beautiful person posing on their photo profile is not them. They use pictures of models. This attracts the attention of the opposite sex who would just be happy to have a good looking chat mate as a possible girlfriend or boyfriend. Then the scammer attempts to solicit funds from these lonely individuals.

It would be wise to be patient and know your chat mate. Do not be swayed by words of love and promises of lusty nights. View that other person on a webcam. This would discourage scammers who are pretending to be another person. Chatting is a screening process wherein two individuals get more details about each other’s lives.

Normally when a person joins that website, they would need to fill out an online registration form asking for details about themselves. Their marital status, children if any, occupation, and more stuff. You would also post your likes and dislikes and what nots. Whoever persons of the opposite (or same?) sex would read your profile and if they like who you are, will send you a message or attempt to chat with you. It would then be your choice either to accept or reject their invite after you have read up on their profile. Such is the process of online dating. It’s very simple actually. Opens up a whole new world of partner possibilities out there.

What if you find someone special in that cyber world? What do you do?

There is another human being out there that’s using the internet to hopefully find that special someone. This person, like you, would rather conduct his/her search in the comfort of home. After a while of chatting, you would have a good idea as to who this person is inside. You may have to develop that ability to be a good judge of character over the net. That other person needs to be consistent in the personal details he/she is giving to you. It would then be your decision to accept what ever baggage the other person have. Like you too have your load to carry that the other person may not want. Assuming that you both agree to sharing your world, then phase II of the knowing process comes in.

This would be to actually arrange to meet that person. Hopefully, you don’t have to travel far (like a different country) to do this. Or you can meet halfway. That’s only fair. That cyber lover you have may not have that charisma or chemistry in real life.

He/she may have personal traits (snoring, unsanitary habits, boring) which you don’t want to live with. It’s going on a first date with you having all these personal information about the other person in your memory files. Hopefully the chemistry and magic is present when you shake hands and hug each other hello. Maybe there’s that spark in both your eyes and excitement in your voices as you spend your first hours of being really together.

Internet love is here to stay. There are billions out there signed on and logged in to different websites trying to locate that one special someone that would make their life a happier existence. Again, like everything else, there are dangers involved. But be patient, be yourself, and don’t easily give your heart away. It still hurts to get jilted online. Like in real life (and the good old days), the right person for you will come when you least expect it. It would be that person willing to go thru difficult times and still be there for you when the smoke dissipates. When you find that person, do not let go. Follow thru and meet that person.

There are millions out there that met their current spouses or partners thru the net. And most of them are happy. They have had their Valentine wish granted !

Written by John Lacson
Photo by Ver Penaranda